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We care for the future

Sustainable Coffee.

Sustainability has always been foundational to the way we choose to go about our business. We consciously choose our coffees, with respect to how the product is grown and harvested.

We focus on mainly on Organic and Shade Grown conditions, within an economically sustainable environment. Fundamental to this, we are always concerned for the economic and social well being and living standards of the people who produce our coffees.


01Farmers are paid fairly

When possible Caffe De Aromi will deal direct with coffee farmers in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. This helps ensure that farmers are directly paid and supported whilst building a relationship with premium coffee growers.


021Kg sold =1 tree planted

It is important to not only give back to the community and support our farmers, but also to support our planet. This is why Caffe De Aromi has taken the initiative to plant 1 tree for every 1kg of coffee sold. By supporting Caffe De Aromi, you are supporting our coffee farmers and the planet.


03You receive amazing coffee

At Caffe De Aromi, we believe that it’s not just great coffee beans which make a great cup of coffee. It’s the whole journey from when the bean is planted, grown, harvested, dried and roasted which requires passion through the whole process. At Caffe De Aromi these are the values we believe in to deliver you amazing coffee.

Together we have planted.


Trees from your support.



These machines are relatively simple to operate, but do require the most manual intervention.


Coffee Grinder

Ensure to invest in a good quality grinder or ask your coffee roaster to grind the beans for you.


Coffee Cups

Coffee made by letting boiling water drip slowly through finely ground coffee.


Espresso Machine

Super-automatic espresso makers are sophisticated machines that go from bean to cup at the touch of a button.

Try the best coffee in Bangkok

Visit Caffe De Aromi to try the best roasted coffee beans in Bangkok

Great Coffee Beans For The 2019 Season

Favorite Specialty Coffee Beans

  • Bolivia Finca Alasitas

    ฿ 1,395

    floral, tropical fruit juice, champagne, pineapple
  • Malawi Geisha White Honey

    ฿ 295

    peach honey, orange, crisp apple, soft sweet finish
  • Nicaragua Jinotega Geisha

    ฿ 895

    floral, orange, silky body, earl grey, milk tea
  • Costa Rica Beneficiola La Violeta del Padre Geisha

    ฿ 780

    floral fragrance, oorange, lemonade, sweet toffee, honey finish
  • Guatemala Geisha Santa Felisa Orange Honey

    ฿ 1,150

    orange, honeydew melon, fruit drops, grapes, sweet finish
  • Colombia Geisha El Danubio Geisha

    ฿ 935

    floral fragrance, strawberry, blueberry drops, honey peach
  • Panama Geisha Hartmann Honey

    ฿ 1,245

    sugarcane, raisin, banana, grape, long aftertaste
  • Panama Geisha Janson Natural

    ฿ 840

    mango, tropical fruits, honey, peach, sweet finish
  • Panama Geisha Esmeralda Private Collection

    ฿ 1,495

    jasmine floral, sweet bright cup, silky, long after taste
  • Gesha Village Gori Gesha Natural

    ฿ 595

    brown sugar, fresh apple, stone fruit, dried fruit, creamy, smooth
  • Gesha Village Gori Gesha Shewa #103

    ฿ 685

    floral, fruit, ripe peach, mixed berries, hint of black tea
  • Gesha Village Gori Gesha Shewa #43

    ฿ 1,435

    fruit party, candy shop, whisky barrel

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